about spring pig

Welcome to Spring Rise

Spring Rise is a new company offering a worm egg count service to a range of animal species.

A faecal egg count (FEC) service is provided to livestock farmers (Horses, cattle, sheep and goats) using the FECPAKG2 System, Iga Saliva Testing (sheep only) and the McMasters technique.  These analysing  techniques may be used as diagnostic tools in the area of internal parasites providing farmers with accurate, quick and reliable information on the farm.  As a fully trained “Mark-Up” Technician, using the FECPAK G2 system, Spring Rise provides quick turn-around results! Additional support is provided by Techion Group laboratory Technicians.  The McMasters technique allows for speciation enabling treatment with a species specific anthelmintic.  Spring Rise offers several  service options including; on-farm analysis, postal service, drop-off option at Ashford market and occasional road show events.

Spring Rise offers assurance to clients by being fully insured and security screened by Agenda Screening Services.

Spring Rise Ethos 

My Vision

Spring Rise supports farm animal welfare by providing an internal parasite analysis service as part of the Livestock Health Plan.  

My Mission

To encourage livestock farmers in the UK and abroad to include internal parasite analysis as part of their routine husbandry tasks.  To motivate retailers, who sell meat, to promote the internal parasite testing and reward producers who operate to high animal welfare standards.

My Values

I aim to provide an accurate, efficient and responsive service to clients working  within the animal profession.  My objective is to be a trustworthy animal scientist, earning trust by being professional but friendly, approachable and by acting positively on constructive criticism. I work hard to build lasting relationships with my customers, by being honest, straightforward and by showing integrity with an ethical approach to business.