The FECPAKG2 System


What is the FECPAKG2 System?

FECPAKG2 is a complete remote-location parasite assessment tool for sheep and goats. It provides information about worm burden quickly for the farmer, manager, vet or adviser so they can make more informed management decisions. The FECPAKG2 unit contains a device, called the MICRO-I, which captures a microscopic image of a pre prepared faecal sample.   The image is uploaded onto a specialised system via the internet.  An egg count is then performed and the results are returned to the farmer by email and also stored online for future reference and reporting.

Why Use Spring Rise Faecal Egg Count Service?

Financial returns can be achieved by increasing animal performance, decreasing workloads and wormer costs. 

Wormer Resistance maybe minimised by knowing the wormers that work on your farm and by monitoring their ongoing performance. Only treat animals that need it! The responsible use of wormers will assist in delaying the development of wormer resistance. 

Balancing animal welfare and performance
FECPAKG2 provides the farmer, vet or adviser with information to enable a Best Practice approach to parasite management. This approach will assist the farmer to gain consumer confidence by practicing good animal welfare in sheep and goat production. 

How does it work?

To see how Spring Rise performs the Faecal Egg Count click here to watch a short video