Worm Egg Count Kit

The worm egg count packs include: Sample collection instructions, a submission form, pre addressed envelope, 5 sample bags, a glove and a scoop. The test packs are included in the cost (see price list).  This will allow the farmer to take 5 mob samples and/or individual samples.

Example collection guidelines  For sheep and goats, a composite mob sample requires 1 scoop from each of 25 - 30 different faecal pats - these are combined into one bag. If your mob is greater than 500 animals increase the number of faecal pats sampled.


Sample Collection Instruction Sheet

Sheep, Goats and Deer

Individual Samples sample collection photo

  • Record animal ID on bag
  • Run animals into yards and either allow to defecate then pick up the  sample, or run into a race and take the samples from each animal
  • Or take a sample  directly from the rectum.
  • As long as the samples are fresh, take them whether they are runny, pellets, soft or firm
  • Take the sample using the scoop provided, collect 1 measured scoop of fresh faecus and place in bag
  • Seal the bag while minimising any air inside
  • Repeat for each sample using a different bag sample collection photo two

Mob Average Samples

  • Samples can be collected directly from the field
  • Using the supplied scoop take a sample (critical for the test to work effectively as the same volume of sample must be taken from each deposit) 
  • Level the scoop using the back of a knife or stick and combine them in the sample bag (If the samples are pellets, squash them into the scoop to get the same volume of sample)
  • Repeat procedure 20 - 25 times combining them into the same sample bag.  Repeat process for additional mob tests using another sample bagsample collection photo three


Important Notes

  • Samples must be collected fresh – refrigerate if there is any delay in sending the sample to the lab

  • Do not select samples on appearance (runny or pellets) – select if they are fresh

  • Avoid collecting foreign debris with your sample

  • Exclude air from the collection bag – this will slow the development rate of the eggs

  • Enclose all sample bags into the larger outer bag to avoid leakage during transportation

  • Submission Form MUST be completed correctly for the test(s) to be processed

  • Multiple Mob Tests can be completed, simply collect multiple bags of different faeces from different mobs



Faecal Egg Count Kit



Only take the recommended number of samples and place in the bag(s) provided

WHY: When samples arrive at the lab the bags are weighed and water is added to the sample bag and then the sample is mixed thoroughly with the water to homogenise the sample. If there is too much sample the lab technician will not be able to add the correct amount of water to the bag.

Also the bags provided have been selected to fit into the lab procedures (size, quality, type of seal) and are required for a sample to be processed



Always exclude air of the sample bag before sealing

WHY: Parasite Eggs require oxygen to hatch – by removing as much air as possible we reduce the egg development rate during transportation.


Always place sample bag(s) back inside the larger outer bag before placing in the courier bag

WHY: Assists to prevent egg hatching by limiting the amount of oxygen the eggs are exposed to during transportation and also ensures that the samples odour does not escape causing Courier Companies to refuse to transport the package.


Always complete the submission form and sample bag labels completely

WHY: this will ensure that the samples are processed in a timely manner, and no delay in the results being reported back.


Animal Health Submission Form

This submission form MUST be completed fully for test(s) to be processed. Click here for our submission form.