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About Susannah Parkin

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in animals and throughout my schooling planned to work in some capacity with them. Large farm animals have become my interest, sheep being my specialist animal of choice.  After working in the animal profession for 20 years I returned to education and in 2015 graduated from the University of Kent with a first class honours degree in animal science.   To pursue my specialist interest in animal reproduction, I embarked on a Masters degree in Reproductive medicine, Science & Ethics and successfully graduated in September 2016.

I am highly motivated and during my studies undertook voluntary work for the National Sheep Association, became a member of several professional organisations, delivered poster presentations and carried out various public speaking engagements. In addition, my first book entitled “The History of British Sheep Breeds” was published in June 2015.  In doing this, I have shown that I am organised, self-motivated and determined to achieve my goals.   

Whilst studying for my Masters degree, I decided to become self-employed and set up my own business; Spring Rise.  I undertook the training required by Techion group and I am now a verified FEC mark-up technician based in the UK.